Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ambo and Gul would make a moon of their skipping rope and Gulabo would spend hours, just going up and down the crescent, on her little green bicycle. Wise Mishri loved the little valley too. She could be seen  wagging her tail with an air of abandonment, balancing her long, sausage-like body perfectly on the thin curve.
My entry for this week's Illustration Friday topic : Bicycle

Friday, April 22, 2011

Little blue

While walking one day, I saw a little piece of sky stuck on the bare branches of a tree. Were they friends, or had the tree fallen in love with the sky and asked for it to stay back, gently float in its arms. Or was it a tired, fatigued chunk, taking a little rest.. replenishing itself. Swinging in warm safety, nestled close to the tree. Whispering a tiny song.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


A map that I made of The Stop Global Roots garden. I will put a link to the website once it is up and running.

Bottled - 1

It had been a day of wild jumps, messy spills and crazy rumpus. There were many moments, when she was about to burst but then reminded herself to take a deep breath! But she could not keep her anger 'bottled' anymore when she saw all four of them on the roof- trying to catch the moon!

Second entry for Illustration Friday on the topic - 'bottled'

Bottled - 2

For days nothing had peeped out of the sky. It seemed that the sun was 'bottled' away somewhere, pickled and preserved - put on a shelf in a dark corner, of a gloomy room. And that someone had kept the moon under their pillow and forgotten it there. After much gloominess,whining and song singing- finally one late afternoon, sun punctured through a little hole in the sky. Flowers smiled and the children danced across them in a rainbow. Earth glowed like a blossoming mustard field!

I second entry for this week's Illustration Friday topic - bottled

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Night was in deep slumber and the two wise fish swam in it. With abandon they flew in its starry waters, caressed by the music of the two neighbours down below. Slowly, the air started to breathe and thump with a slight heartbeat. Cocoons that had patiently metamorphosed to butterflies bursted out in a song, while tiny birds fluttered their wings and took flight in hope. The flowers slowly sweated out sweet smells and the kettle stroked gently.

My work for this week's Illustration Friday on the topic ' duet'.